dressagedreams (dressagedreams) wrote in disabled_riders,

NARHA National Convention Brochure

I feel loved. Please check out http://www.narha.org/PDFfiles/National/06Brochure.pdf
Within the winners circle image. To the top right is me with my all time favorite therapy horse Conn (the grey) and then the image on the middle left with the pony/ribbon is also me. :-D I feel loved. I just figured I should share because what are the chances that throughout all of North American Riding for the Handicapped Association (Affectionately known as NARHA to those of us who are acquainted) would choose two photos of me for their circle... I suppose I was photogenic at one time in my life. ;-) It's always things like this that remind me of how good I really do have it, being able to ride and experience horses the way that I have!
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