moontoad (moontoad) wrote in disabled_riders,

First Entry

Since I started the group, I may as well write the first post. I'm deaf, have RSDS, PTSD, RSIs in my wrists, disabling arthritis in my knees, I'm overweight, have asthma, and I'm starting back riding as soon as they can squeeze me in. I ride English, enjoy jumping, hope to compete in jumping and in dressage eventually. I'm going back because riding, despite the crappy knees, is an activity that I can do because it's pretty non-impact for me, and most importantly, it makes me happy in a way that other hobbies can't. I'll be able to write more once I have actually started, but this is a little bit of me, starting something at a point in my life that could be better, and that I'm actively working to make better.
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Hi, my name is Rae, i'm 15 and for the past two years i have been working with disabled riders. The oldest kid in my class is 11 and let me just say that it is amazing the way that people with disabilities and the horses relate...i don't have disablities, but i can definately relate to what you guys are both going through, simply because i've been exposed to it. I love those kids to death and i seriously think that when i'm out of college i would like to do something like the Whistlepig Special Equestrian promgram that i work at. I hope that doesn't make me ineligable to be part of this happy little clicky thing *frazzled look* lol,
OF course it doesn't. Just wish there were some others interested in the group.
Good for you! Therapuetic riding is great!!
I have pretty severe scoliosis and riding has helped me be pain free. It's incredible, before just walking around at school I would have to take breaks all the time because I hurt so bad, now I can do all the stuff other teens my age do - and everything I want to do with my horse! :)