moontoad (moontoad) wrote in disabled_riders,

waiting to hear for lessons

After a long break, I have started riding again. I had to convince the barn owner that I am safe riding, since I'm deaf and they've never dealt with that before. But one of their instructors knows sign language, as I do, so that helps. I also described how I manage lessons. For one, I don't take group lessons. Two, I ride close to the instructor to see what they want me to do, I repeat it to make sure it's correct, then I do it. Return to instructor, get more instructions. I keep an eye out on them, they wave to me if I mess up, and if I mess up I return to them immediately to see what my mistake it. So, yeah, wasted time going back and forth, but that's just how I can do it.

Plus, I've made the start of a friendship of a woman at the stable who has two horses. A black OTTB that is about 17h, and a Friesian cross as well. If I work my skills right, I might be able to help her out with her horses, as she rides 2-3 times a week.

x-posted to disabled_riders as well.

I just wish they'd email me back already!
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